What's "in" for indoor football training this season!

As the clocks have went back the darker nights are now drawing in more quickly, which means more training will be done under floodlight on astroturf-type pitches.  More facilities are popping up all over the country to facilitate this demand for pitches, as illustrated by the FA investing £200million in hub centres across England over the next 4 years. But what do you do if the outdoor pitches are fully booked or can't be used due to the weather?  Cancel training?  No chance, get your team indoors and make sure they are still practicing their skills and tactical play ahead of your games which hopefully won't succumb to the weather either. We've come up with a list of products that are ideal for using while playing and training indoors and making sure your practice sessions are enjoyable and demand the most from your players.


Our Direct Soccer 2-piece Boundary Poles are a great piece of equipment for training.  This set of 12 boundary poles measures 1.7m high andboundary poles comes in a set of 4 blue, 4 yellow and 4 red poles that join together in the middle.  Ideal for using for shuttle runs and dribbling in and out of, these boundary poles can be used indoors when you combine them with our top quality rubber pole base.  These weighted rubber pole bases make sure that they can't be tipped over easily so the poles will stay vertical as you train.  You can pick up a set of our boundary poles, that include a neat carry bag, for just £34.99, while the pole bases are available at £7.50 each, a saving of 50% of the market retail price.


Available in a set of 10, our great flat rubber markers are ideal for setting out drills and getting your players to focus on positional play or speed agility training.  You could use these to set up small zones for the players to practice one-touch passing drills and small-sided games.  Available in a choice of white, blue or yellow, these flat markers are just £7.50 a pack, and if you buy 2 or more, we will throw in a plastic carrier for storing them neatly on.


Available in a choice of 3 sizes (6", 9" and 12"), our speed agility hurdles are a great tool for using and developing fast feet and ag ility.  At under £3.00 each, these are some of the best priced Agility Hurdles in the football training market today and will enhance your training sessions greatly while improving the sharpness of your players.  We also offer a hurdle bag to store them in for £9.99 each that holds 12 hurdles.


Ideal for using indoors and creating fast-feet drills, our speed ladders come in a choice of 2m, 4m or 8m in length, and feature heavy-duty plastic flat rungs that are adjustable.  Use these speed ladders to create great warm-up drills before your players begin using the footballs in their training sessions.


As the name says, an indoor football is perfect for when you are playing indoors.  We have two of Mitre's best available for you to use.  The classic Mitre Indoor BallCyclone at £7.99 each is a traditional felt indoor five-a-side football that has a 50% reduced rebound bladder.  For an indoor football that plays more like one that you would use outside, the Mitre Indoor v5 is a bargain at just £4.99 each!  This ball is made with a soft matte finish TPU for easier control and is better for younger players to use.  It can also be used on 3G/4G pitches so doesn't have to be put back in the cupboard once you get back outside again!


Developed in the 1920's in Uruguay, futsal is a small-sided game featuring 5 players, including a goalkeeper, per team and is played on a small pitch indoors.  It focuses on improvisation, creativity and technique as well as ball control and passing in small spaces.  Some of the most skillful South American footballers like Lionel Messi will have grown up playing the game and your players can learn this great version of the beautiful game by getting one of our Nike Football X Menor Futsal balls in a bright Orange Glow colour that looks as great as it plays!