NIKE 2020 TEAMWEAR – Whatever your greatness

A brand-new year means a brand new teamwear range from our friends at Nike and we are absolutely loving it.
We’re now a few months in to the year and the 2020 teamwear range is increasingly popular.
With updated Nike Academy Pro, Park, Trophy and Challenge ranges it’s not difficult to see why!

We don’t need to tell you the quality of Nike football teamwear, you already know. What you might not know is what Nike is offering in their teamwear range for 2020…

If you’re looking for bottoms, trackies, pants; whatever you like to call them, the 2020 teamwear range offers a few brilliant options. One of them is the Academy Pro Knit Pant.

Whether you’re at training or going about your everyday life, you can stay dry, comfortable and looking good. From size XS Youth to 2XL for adults and made with 100% recycled polyester, the Academy Pro Knit Pant cater for children, teens and adults, as well as everyone who cares about looking after the environment!

The anthracite base-colour helps show off these knit pants when mixed with bright crimson, photo blue, green strike and black, and with a lifecycle ending at the end of 2021 you’ll be seeing professional and amateur sports enthusiasts wearing these for quite a while!

Sticking with the Academy Pro range, the brand-new Women’s Academy Pro Training Top focuses on both looking fantastic in a variety of colours, and ensuring that the wearer feels comfortable. It’s mesh back panel and chest stripe provide added breathability, so that you can train hard without the hassle of your top sticking to your skin! In sizes XS to XL, the Women’s Academy Pro Training Top is available for all shapes and sizes.

Champions win trophies. Nike are giving everyone the opportunity to be a champion this year with their new Trophy IV Jersey. Similar to the Women’s Academy Pro Training Top, Nike have included mesh panels along the sides and back for extra breathability. Comparable in style to Roma’s 2014/15 home kit, the Trophy IV Jersey is designed for a more tailored feel. With a whole host of colours, ranging from Pewter Grey & Bright Crimson to Royal Blue & Midnight Navy, Nike have made it possible for everyone to find a colour that they like with this jersey.

If you’re a goalkeeper reading this, don’t worry, Nike haven’t forgotten about you! The 2020 teamwear range includes the Nike Park IV Goalkeeper Jersey in colours from Black to Royal Blue and sizes XS Youth to 2XL for adults. It’s smart, efficient, shows you’re in control of your 18-yard box and is available until the end of 2023. What’s not to like?!

All of these ranges and a lot more are available from us at Direct Soccer. If you’d like to take a closer look at everything that Nike have included in their new 2020 teamwear range, follow the link below!