Memorable and Iconic Football Jerseys of the last 20 years!

Who doesn’t love a new football strip?  The launch of a new football kit is one of the most anticipated dates on every football fan’s calendar.

Over the past 20 years, there’s been plenty of highlights in terms of classic and well-remembered football jerseys.  We’ve picked out some of our favourites from the 20 Years we’ve been in business as well as remembering some jerseys that were worn during famous moments of our beautiful game!

In 2004, Arsenal became the Invincibles!  Winning the Premier League without losing a single game in the 38 game league season, Arsene Wenger’s side wore a great looking Nike red and white shirt as the Gunners became club legends!  This style of jersey was favoured by a lot of Nike sponsored sides between 2002 and 2004 such as Brazil, Leeds United, Manchester United and Barcelona.  Sadly, Arsenal’s unbeaten run came to an end the next season at Old Trafford in a game famously known as Pizzagate!

Arsenal Home 2003/04 Shirt & England Home 2001 Jersey

England had put themselves into a great position to qualify for the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, topping their group after beating Germany 5-1 in Munich in September 2001.  All they had to do was see off Greece at Old Trafford.  The Greeks however stunned the home side by twice taking the lead.  England looked to be heading into the playoffs before David Beckham fired a 93rd minute free kick into the net to rescue a draw and secure top spot and a place at the greatest football show on earth!  Sadly since that exciting day, times have been tough for English fans while Greece enjoyed their finest hour winning Euro 2004!

Sometimes kit manufacturers make designs that leave you thinking “what is that!”  Here’s two memorable jerseys that stick out from the pack!

“Every now and then kit suppliers and clubs come up with something totally out of the box, as 1860 Munich do every autumn for their Oktoberfest kit.  I don’t know if I could wear it myself, but I love the concept behind these jerseys!” Andrew Sheach (Club Shops)

1860 Munich Oktoberfest 2014 Jersey & CD Palencia 2016/17 Anatomy Jersey

“One you’ll never forget! They also do a “tuxedo jersey too for that special night game!” Pam Colbron (Operations Manager)

The battle for Tayside supremacy has been weighted in Dundee’s favour the last couple of seasons, though United have had more success on the silverware front in the last 20 years, and one of their strips is a favourite of Murray Bennett’s (Warehouse) here at Direct Soccer.

“A good year for a United fan, finished 3rd and won the Scottish Cup.  Not bad for a centenary year!”

Dundee United Home Jersey 2009/10 & Dundee FC Away Jersey 2001/02

“Dundee’s first strip in 1893 to 1896 was a blue and white striped jersey and this is a tribute to it worn during 2001/02 which I loved!  Where the Dee led, Argentina followed!” (David Matthew – IT)

Probably the most famous league win of the last 20 years, Leicester City stunned the world when they came from 1000-1 outsiders and relegation favourites to win the Premier League in 2015/16!  Their Puma blue strip from that season will forever be linked with the time the Foxes were the top side in England!

Leicester City Home Jersey 2015/16 & FC Barcelona Home Jersey 2016/17

One of the most famous comebacks in European football history happened earlier this year when FC Barcelona, staring elimination from the Champions League in the face after a 4-0 thrashing in Paris to PSG, came back brilliantly at the Camp Nou to break Parisian hearts by winning 6-1 on the night and 6-5 on aggregate.  Their classic looking blue and red stripe jersey now features sponsor logos on the front and back, a controversial topic with die-hard Barca fans who loved the traditional unsponsored jerseys!

Do you have a favourite football jersey of the last 20 years, or one that you remember a famous moment from?  Maybe it is the jersey your team wore when you won your grassroots league or cup?  Share your memories with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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