January Transfer Window – Is your club set up for the rest of the season?

Breaking News from Direct Soccer One of the most important times of the football season now is the January transfer window, with teams around the country making final adjustments to their squads in a bid to challenge for silverware, stave off relegation, or simply consolidate in mid-table.  It’s also a thrilling time for Jim White, where he dusts off his yellow tie and gets excited about the possibility that a South American striker might be signing for a mid-table Premier League club! But what does January mean for the youth or amateur football team?  Are you prepared and organised for the second half of the season?  Do you have all the football equipment, match footballs and more importantly, full team football kit to see out the remainder of the season?  If not, here at Direct Soccer and Express Football Kits we have thousands of items in stock from footballs, football training equipment, football team jerseys, football shorts, football socks, football tracksuits and football training wear to keep your team well kitted and see out the year in style. [caption id="attachment_317" align="alignright" width="150"]Prostar Sporting Plus Jersey - Only £4.00 Prostar Sporting Plus Jersey - Only £4.00[/caption] Here’s a selection of great football clothing and equipment from the leading brands like Adidas, Nike and Prostar that we have in stock at great value discounted prices and all available on our fast and reliable next day delivery service.


As the season nears the end, you may be lucky enough to go on a few cup runs.  However this can create a fixture headache, as on top of these extra games, you may have a lot of rearranged fixtures to play due to the typically bad weather we get between November and February which results in a lot of postponements.  This means you might have 3 or even 4 games to play in a single week.  Can you get your kits washed and dried in time to meet this fixture backlog?  If not don’t fear, you can get an extra set of jerseys like the Nike Park V Long Sleeve, Adidas Striped 15 or Prostar Sporting Plus and give your side a new 3rd kit to make sure you always have a clean kit ready to play in and cope with these extra matches.  Having a third kit will also help your existing kits last longer and look every bit as professional as the football strips worn by the pro teams.


[caption id="attachment_313" align="alignright" width="200"]Nike Park Knit Shorts Nike Park Knit Shorts - only £5.99[/caption] With all these extra games, your kit will go through excessive wear and tear, and the last thing you want to see as your 14st centre-half slides in for a tackle is his shorts to rip, not a pretty sight! Top up your sets of shorts with some of our top selling football shorts like the Nike Park Knit Shorts, Adidas Parma II or the Prostar Kiev.  The Park Knit Shorts and Parma II are currently at half price so like Celtic signing Henrik Larsson for just £650,000, you’ll be buying the bargain of the season!


It’s inevitable with all these games to play, your team’s socks will start to rip, so why not replace them with great football socks like the Nike Park IV or the Adidas Milano at less than £3 per pair.


Your team has reached its first ever Cup Final, and you want the players to look the part when they arrive on the day, so why not get them new tracksuits or polo shirts?  Right now at Direct Soccer [caption id="attachment_60" align="alignright" width="150"]Adidas Core 15 Rain Jacket Adidas Core 15 Rain Jacket[/caption] and Express Football Kits we have an amazing offer on the Uhlsport Team Woven Tracksuit from just £9.99 a tracksuit for juniors and £11.99 for adults.  There’s also the brand new Adidas Condivo 16 Poly football tracksuit available if you fancy doing a Louis van Gaal and splashing the cash!  For polo shirts look no further than the Mitre Polarize, the Nike Squad 15 football training polo shirt or the new Stanno Fiero.


Even though the better weather is just around the corner, you might still get caught out with a sudden rain shower, so don’t forget your rainjacket!  If you don’t have a rainjacket for football, opt for the Adidas Core 15 rainjacket, or the Nike Team sideline rainjacket.  You could also snap up a steal of a buy with the Prostar Density tracksuit jacket which is perfect for warming up in ahead of your matches.


With all these matches to play to get your season finished, you may need to update your team’s match footballs.  We have some great footballs at cheap prices like the Direct Soccer Rapide Pro [caption id="attachment_55" align="alignright" width="150"]Nike Training Football Nike Training Footballs - £7.50 each[/caption] football, or the Mitre Gold football at just £9.95.  For something a bit more special, why not try the Mitre Delta v12s football in fluorescent yellow which is the same ball used in the Football League.  If you need to replace your team’s training footballs too, the Nike Team Training football comes in 3 colours at just £7.50 per football, or there is the Umbro Neo 150 club football at just £5.00.  Also look out for our Bargain Box deals, where you can buy a 5 pack of selected training footballs or match footballs at an ever better price!


As your football team may be on a bit of a cup run, you want your park to look the business, so treat it to some new corner flags and posts with the Direct Soccer Corner Pole and Flag Set which are one of the best around of its type.  Make sure your nets are in tip-top condition too with the Direct Soccer Goal Nets bundle pack at £59.99 where you get 2 football goal nets, goal net clips and football goal net carry bags to keep them in.  Keep the players in great condition too for the second half of your season by investing in some new football training equipment like speed ladders, boundary poles, flat markers and the Direct Soccer training bibs which come in 9 different colours and with 4 size options. There are lots more items available in our football kit, football training wear and football equipment departments at Direct Soccer and Express Football Kits so you can be prepared for a successful end to your team’s football season!