How To Get Free Football Kit

Free kicks, free transfers, some of the best things in football are free.  But what could be better than getting free football kit for your team?

Since 2015, Direct Soccer has ran a successful loyalty scheme called Direct Soccer Clubs.  This scheme, which is free to join, allows teams to build up the value of the orders they place on the Direct Soccer or Express Football Kits website.  When the club reaches a spend of £2,000, Direct Soccer issues a £100 discount voucher code that allows the user to use this voucher code against products on the Direct Soccer or Express Football Kits website.

We stand for fair play so don't put up any barriers to the club using their discount voucher if they earn it.  There's nothing more frustrating than being offered a "great deal" then hearing the dreaded "terms and conditions apply" and finding out that you can only use your reward against certain items, or within a period of time.  We make it easy for the customer in that they can use their discount voucher against all products on our website, including sale items and personalisation.

So how do you get your vouchers to spend them on great items on the Direct Soccer website like football kit or cheap football team equipment?  Our infographic below helps explain.

Think of it like playing a game of Monopoly.  You set up your token (the start of the game) and then need new team kits for your football side for the start of your new season.

A few weeks later you want to add sparkle to your training sessions so buy training equipment essentials such as training bibs, water bottles, cones, flat markers and match day equipment like corner flags and goal nets.  The value of this equipment order then gets added to your total spend since the token was created. You want your team to look smarter when they arrive and leave their games, so you manage to get a new sponsor for tracksuits and add your club badge and the sponsor logo onto them.

Finally, your footballs have seen better days so you replace all your training footballs with new Direct Soccer or uhlsport footballs and attempt to help your side score better goals on a matchday by investing in some top quality FIFA approved Nike or mitre Match Balls.  You might have done it in just one month, or it may have taken you all season, but you've finally done it, all these orders that have included you adding the team's Direct Soccer Club Shop Token to the basket have resulted in you spending over £2,000 (you've scored the goal!) and receiving a £100 discount voucher.

The game doesn't end there though, you can continue going round and placing orders using your token to keep earning more vouchers just like the customers below.

How do we let you know how you are progressing with your spend on the Club Token Loyalty Scheme at Direct Soccer?  Every month we send out a monthly statement letting you see what orders were dispatched in the previous month that used your token and giving you an update as to your accumulated spend.

Do I need to have a certain amount of teams to get a token?  This is a question we are regularly asked about the Club Token scheme.  The simple answer is no!  It doesn't matter if you have 20 teams in your club, or are a Sunday morning Amateur side with just 1 team, if you wish to take advantage of having the chance to earn the discount vouchers then you are free to sign up and use it with your orders as and when you require.  There is no pressure on how much you must use the token it is yours to use as you need it, though obviously the more orders you place, the more vouchers you can earn, as illustrated above.

Another benefit to our Club Tokens is that anybody can use your token to help you earn the vouchers.  So if players need to order anything for themselves, they can add the club's token into their basket and your club gets the value of the order added to your total spend.  The same would apply to coaches and parents so it is a great way for clubs to earn discount vouchers and use them to get free football team jerseys or footballs.

At the time of press, we have hundreds of clubs signed up to our Club Token Loyalty Club, why not join them and sign up today?