Football Vs Christmas (Staying fit through winter Part II)

Take a minute to think about your poor old Footy Coach this Christmas. Around the country hundred of Gaffers are left abandoned, ignored or neglected at this time of year.   If the recent threat of hurricanes and floods haven’t killed your training sessions, then Christmas and New Year could be next to have a go! It’s a busy time of year for everyone, but it doesn’t mean staying fit or catching up with the team each week is impossible.   Beat the weather by heading indoors (see our last post, and check out some of the photos sent in by our customers and followers UNBELIEVEABLE SCENES!). No need for 11 aside, don’t worry about even numbers, there’s an old fashioned easy solution under your nose. Why not organise a bounce game or kick-about within a local gym hall? Check out our range of indoor footballs, many of which are available for express delivery.  

“Good players practice until they get it right. Great players practice until they never get it wrong"

  Whether you’re a 5-aside or 7-aside player, male/female amateur side, or coach a kid’s team. Too many dropped sessions will see the fitness levels drop too! It’s tempting at this time of year to take a break till the new year. However for many the return is a shock to the system if the break is too long. If the weather kills your sessions all together check your local area for available gym halls, suitable training drills, and grab a suitable indoor ball and head down with some likeminded teammates/pals.  

“He used to play in short bursts, now he plays in burst shorts!”

– Andy Gray on Ally McCoist in the latter stages of his career (This could also be used to describe a big number of players after the winter break)

  It’s a great opportunity to keep up the momentum and see who the die-hards are in your squad. You’ll also find it a great chance to work on ball control without the risk of being whipped away in tornado or avalanche!  


Check out our indoor footballs, including the

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ladder 2


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  • Convert a simple local school hall into a usable training space and work up a sweat!
  • Our equipment is suitable for indoor and outdoor use so add them to your kit and use them year round.