Football - A Love Story!


"United are red,

City are blue,

we love football,

we know you do too!"

It’s the time of the year where love is in the air, so what better timing than to declare all that you love about the beautiful game?


It could be your favourite football strip, either the team you play for, or support.  Who's the team you have enjoyed playing for the most?  Who is your favourite opposition in terms of you having the best games against?  What’s your favourite pitch to play on, or stadium to visit and watch a game at?



What about goals and saves?  Why not boast to the world about the 35 yard volley that was "unbelievable tekkers", or that amazing save that was heading for the top corner.



Are there stories from the world of football that warm your heart, like Everton recently awarding a 9 year old fan their Goal of the Month award?  Is your team an underdog?  Did they stun the football world by going on a great run to a Cup Final, like Bradford City did in the League Cup a few years ago?1403521320-77400500


Whatever it is you love about the world’s greatest team sport, share it with us here at Direct Soccer on our Facebook page and we will pick 5 lucky winners who will win a Nike Team Catalyst match football as our gift to you this Valentine’s.