At Direct Soccer we understand that running a football team is a costly exercise, what with association membership fees, facilities for football training, football pitch fees and paying referees before you have even kicked a ball on the park.  Of course you still need a football team strip (or two, maybe even three) to play in, and football equipment to use so it can be an expensive game to play.

But help is on the way, and Direct Soccer wish to reward our loyal customers with their dedication to the game with the Club Shop Token loyalty scheme.  This loyalty scheme helps you earn while you spend in the way of receiving vouchers to use at Direct Soccer and Express Football Kits on all our products like football team kits, training footballs, football training equipment, even printing and embroidery!

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All you need to do is register your football team or sports club with and we will set you up with your own personalised Club Shop Token.  Then, each time you place an order on Direct Soccer or Express Football Kits, add in a Club Shop Token to your order and it will then count the value of this order towards your club’s overall spend.  Every time you reach £2,000, your club will receive a £100 voucher from us here at Direct Soccer to spend on any of our products, like Nike football jerseys, or Prostar tracksuit jackets, or space markers and cones.

Even sale products and items that are discounted already can be purchased with a Club Shop Token in the order, there really are no restrictions!

A great number of clubs have already signed up for the rewards club, including Broughty United AFC and Ferry Athletic.  “The club shop scheme has been fantastic for us.  We have several teams, so we are not long in accumulating the £2,000 break point to receive our £100 voucher.  Since the Club Shop loyalty promotion started we have already received 4 x £100 vouchers, which have enabled us to purchase numerous pieces of training equipment and kit for the club.”  -  Mike Anderson, Manager, Broughty United AFC.

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“Ferry Athletic have been regular customers of Direct Soccer for nearly 20 years.  Our relationship has continued to flourish throughout this time and we have a positive partnership that has been mutually beneficial to Ferry Athletic and Direct Soccer.

“More recently we have taken advantage of being a member of the Direct Soccer Club Token Scheme, where we receive a £100 voucher to spend with Direct Soccer once we reach a sales threshold of £2000. This scheme is easily accessible to any club and there is no time limit on how long it takes to reach the threshold or to use the complimentary voucher.  Communication is excellent as we receive a monthly email highlighting our current spend and provided with a code to use any credit we may have gained.  All we have to do is add a club token to any order we place and we can gain a reward on as many orders as we wish, no matter how big or small.  Recently we purchased a number of items from Direct Soccer using the benefits from the Club Token scheme and to quote one of our coaches.

"Where else would you get 50 beanies for £12.50!"

“As a club we make our purchases for 13 individual teams from Direct Soccer not just because of this loyalty scheme but also because of the exceptional service, the attention to detail, the incredible value and the simplicity of placing orders.” – Finbarr McCarthy, Ferry Athletic Youth Football Club

The Club Shop Token is free to set up, and use, with no restrictions to who uses it, so parents, grandparents, other relatives, friends and neighbours, even the dog if he’s tech savvy can add a token into their orders and your football team will benefit!

Sign up today to the Direct Soccer Clubs – Club Shop Token Loyalty Scheme, add a token every time you place an order at Direct Soccer and Express Football Kits and make progress towards your club getting a £100 voucher!