Bag a bargain at Direct Soccer!

This week's deal at Direct Soccer is on our entire bag range.  This includes holdalls, backpacks, hardcase holdall bags, gym tote bags, shoe bags, even bags for keeping your football team kit in.  Our offer is also on bags for your equipment such as ball bags for footballs, bags for hurdles and bags for boundary poles.

So what are the key differences between all the bags we offer at Direct Soccer?  There is a huge choice and variety of bag available, so choosing the correct bag that meets your needs for your football or other leisure activities can be tricky, so hopefully our helpful guide below will explain the different types of bags you can get.

[caption id="attachment_508" align="alignleft" width="150"]Stanno Murcia Bag Stanno Murcia Bag[/caption]



Holdalls are a rectangular shaped bag that has a pocket compartment at each end, and a main compartment in the centre.  To make them hard-wearing and survive being thrown down on the dressing room floor or in the playground, they will have a heavy-duty polyester construction on the outer material, like the Stanno Murcia Excellence Holdall which is made from a durable woven 600D polyester fabric.  The two zipped end pockets are great for keeping items such as goalkeeper gloves and shinpads in, while the main central compartment has a U-shaped opening at the top of the bag and allows you to keep items like your training gear and matchday team kit in.  Another great holdall to go for is the Adidas Tiro Teambag.  The Large size is perfect if you have a small-sided team kit to look after, or need a decent sized holdall for going on holiday with.  Available in 3 colours, the Tiro bag has a padded shoulder strap with 3 stripe design, and a large main compartment with a zipped pocket inside for storing your valuables.  The end pocket has a shoe pocket for putting your muddy football boots in at the end of your game and keeping them away from the rest of your clothing.

[caption id="attachment_507" align="alignleft" width="150"]Nike Club Hardcase Holdall Nike Club Hardcase Holdall[/caption]

The most popular type of bag for football players is the player bag.  This style of bag has a separate compartment, usually on the base, and allows you to separate your clothing from your football boots and keep dry items away from those that get wet or dirty.  Top player bags are the Nike Club Team Swoosh Hardcase and the Direct Soccer Player Holdall.  The Nike hardcase bag has a spacious separate shoe compartment with hardcase shell for improved stability.  The hardcase shell comes with a removable molded tray to allow for easy cleaning while the mesh venting inside the bag helps air your items, particularly those that get wet.  The bag’s outer fabric is made from 100% Tarpaulin polyester that is water-resistant to keep your gear protected whatever the weather throws at you.

[caption id="attachment_503" align="alignright" width="150"]Direct Soccer Player Holdall Direct Soccer Player Holdall[/caption]

For a great bargain, look no further than the Direct Soccer Player Holdall, available in small or large.  This black coloured player’s holdall has a soft-base separate compartment on the bottom for boots or wet gear, a good sized main section and an adjustable shoulder strap and is a great bargain from just £6.00 each in our weekly deal.



[caption id="attachment_501" align="alignleft" width="150"]Direct Soccer Large Kit Bag Direct Soccer Large Kit Bag[/caption]

Every kitman needs a good kitbag for storing and transporting his team’s football kit in.  It needs to be a good size and be hard wearing to survive being thrown into bus luggage holds, or kicked around the dressing room after a bad defeat.  A normal kitbag will have a large main compartment and be made from a heavy-duty polyester material.  It may have additional pockets on the outside or inside the bag for keeping small items in.  If you are on the looking for something more advanced and less pressure on the shoulders and back, then the Nike Club Wheeled Holdall or our Direct Soccer Wheeled Kit Bag is for you.  Both of these bags have a long pull-out handle that allows you to wheel the bag to where you need it to go without having to carry it around, and are a great kitbag for keeping your football team kit dry and ready to use.

    [caption id="attachment_506" align="alignleft" width="150"]Adidas Tiro Backpack Adidas Tiro Backpack[/caption]


Every person will likely have used a backpack at some stage, probably for going to school or university with.  A backpack like the Adidas Tiro Backpack would be the perfect solution for you keeping your sports kit in if you were going swimming, going to the gym, or having a small-sided kickabout with your mates down the park.  It features a separate zipped compartment at the base of the bag with mesh ventilation so you can put your boots or trainers in and keep them away from the rest of your kit.  It is also the perfect bag to use for your school or college work as it is lightweight and a good size and features padded straps for carrying it on your back.

The Prestige Shoe Bag is a standard boot bag to keep your football boots in as you make your way to the park.  It has a durable carry strap and comes in a choice of colours that can match your team’s kit.

  [caption id="attachment_504" align="alignright" width="150"]Direct Soccer 12 Ball Bag Direct Soccer 12 Ball Bag[/caption]


You run a football team, so obviously need footballs, but where do you keep them?  Do you have them lying around all over your house, or loose in your car’s boot?  Unless you thrive in a chaotic world, then the answer is probably not.  Our Direct Soccer range of ball bags is the ideal solution to making sure your footballs are well-stored and looked after.  You can choose from an amber coloured nylon net bag that holds up to 8 (size 5) fully inflated footballs or alternatively if you need something more substantial, our Direct Soccer 12 Ball Bag holds 12 fully inflated size 5 footballs and has an adjustable toggle strap to securely shut the bag and keep the bags from spilling out.  An added feature is the backpack style shoulder straps which are padded and allow you to carry the balls easier to the football pitch rather than having to sling the bag over one shoulder, so it is better for your health too!  This bag comes in a choice of Black, Red or Royal Blue.



[caption id="attachment_500" align="alignright" width="150"]Direct Soccer Hurdle Bag Direct Soccer Hurdle Bag[/caption]

As we use more equipment for our football training nowadays, there is a greater need for specialist bags to keep your football training equipment in.  Nobody wants to carry a dozen 1.7m boundary poles loose, so the answer to this problem is a Boundary Pole Bag that keeps all the boundary poles in safely and makes them easier to carry.  Our boundary pole bags come in a choice of size to hold either 12 or 30 poles, and are made from a heavy-duty polyester material.  You can also get a bag to keep your corner flag poles in, and these red bags hold up to 6 corner poles and have reinforced handles to help you carry the poles to the pitch and back to your equipment shed with ease.  Our hurdle bags hold up to 15 12” hurdles and are a great idea for keeping your speed hurdles in as we know they are an awkward shape, so leaving them loose would be a nightmare to keep tidy.



[caption id="attachment_502" align="alignright" width="150"]Direct Soccer Medical Bag Direct Soccer Medical Bag[/caption]

Let’s not forget the physio in your team, he needs to have all his medical items to hand at a moment’s notice to deal with any sudden injuries that occur at your game, so having a good sized and organised First Aid Bag is essential to help him look after your players as quickly and effectively as possible.  Our Medical Bags come in a choice of either Blue or Red to make them stand out at pitchside.  The Medical Bag features a large main compartment that has divider slots for splitting up your first aid supplies, a long side pocket, a large pocket on the other side, a good sized pocket at one end of the bag, and a mesh pocket at the other end for keeping a water bottle in.  We even do a full medical bag including first aid supplies like bandages, tape, dressings, plasters and an ice pack to keep your bag stocked up and ready to use.


Every one of our bags is reduced this week by at least 30% off the RRP on our branded Adidas, Nike, Prostar and Stanno bags and holdalls.  You can save as much as 75% on bags like our Prestige Tote Bag or our Direct Soccer Corner Pole Bag if you need a good bag to store your corner poles in until matchday.  Get online to our Direct Soccer and Express Football Kits websites this week and you can bag yourself a bargain with our great bag offer!